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Frequently Asked Questions

It is easier for you as well to know everything forhead so please read through our FAQs.

In case you have different questions feel free to reach out:

- In this current situation we are still open and look forward to welcoming you. We provide virus-free and safe opportunity for working by ozone sterilisation. 
- You can book our meeting room and we have assistance, too. 

Working from a coworking office is way more cost effective as renting your own so you’ll be able to spend more on other parts of your business. You get all infrastructure ready (strong wifi, kitchen, meeting rooms etc.) and you’ll also get access to the continuously changing and exciting network of the space that will provide you with new and useful professional connections, potential clients.

Yes. If you book an appointment, even only for a lookaround we will be there for sure. You can choose any time between 8:00 and 20:00 every weekday. For more information contact us. 

If your customer comes to you to the office you can meet with them for 20 minutes free of charge, if you need more time, please ask for a Guest ticket which allows 2 hours of stay for them. Of course if you need to meet in complete separation you have the chance to book our meeting room as well.

- Guaranteed download/upload speed of internet: 100/20 Mb/s
- In case you need it we can provide you with a screen.
- During the day you can park your car in front of the office on the street and in the nearby streets as well. But if security is priority for you, we offer a secure parking lot in the courtyard as well.
- You can print and scan with us. Scanning is free of charge, but we charge a printing fee for pages or there is an unlimited printing pass as well.
-  If you forget your charger cable at home we have many different laptop and phone chargers and HDMI cables as well. 

Important documents