General Terms and Conditions

Later referred to as GTC, effective from 1st October, 2021.

Hornyák Szilvia (5243 Tiszaderzs, Deák Ferenc út 5. Mother’s name: Ferencz Klára, VAT Number: 55782388-1-36), later mentioned: SHOB, on and after the date from which these general terms and conditions of contracts enter into effect (as mentioned above), the following General Terms and Conditions of Contract based on law in 2013 N. V. 6:77. § (1) paragraph (hereinafter GTC) are applicable to all Contracts on Services set out hereunder as follows:


For the purpose of the GTC, the Specific Agreement, and the Privacy Policy, or any other document complementing an Agreement between SHOB and a Client, we use the following meanings.

  • Privacy Policy: a guide to the privacy and privacy practices of SHOB in relation to the Personal Data of individuals. The currently effective Privacy Policy is available on the Website 
  • Data: Personal Data and Company Data (if the Customer is a legal entity or other organisation) of the Customer who entered into a Contract with SHOB, and of any natural person designated to use the Services – Coworkers – Personal Data.
  • Controller: the person who determines the purposes and tools used in the processing of Personal Data by themselves or with others.
  • Processor: any natural or legal person that processes Personal Data in the name of the Controller, but that is not the Controller.
  • Data Processing: any of the automated or manual operations or combination of operations relating to Personal Data or dataset (including but not limited to: collection, recording, filing, filing, storing, transforming, altering, retrieving, accessing, using, communicating, transmitting, distributing, making available, coordination, linking, limiting, deleting, destroying).
  • Contribution To Data Processing: a voluntary, explicit and unambiguous statement of the Data Subject’s a statement of unambiguous confirmation, that he/she is consenting to the processing of the Personal Data concerning himself/ herself.
  • Personal Data Breach: a breach of security that results in the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access to any Personal Data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed.
  • Price: a list of the prevailing prices for the services and usage of the Services provided by SHOB under these GTCs. The prevailing Price List is continuously available on the Website:
  • GTC: is the name of this document: the General Terms and Conditions applicable to the Coworking Services between SHOB and its Clients. Shall enter into force on the date indicated on the first page of the GTC; the current GTC is available on the TOWS Website
  • Bank Account of Hornyák Szilvia is by OTP Bank Nyrt. 1055 Budapest, Nyugati tér 9. IBAN: HU45 1177 3133 1075 5024 0000 0000 BIC(SWIFT)KÓD: OTPVHUHB
  • Company Data: information that the Client must provide at the conclusion of the Specific Agreement if the Client is a legal person, or other organisation, such as the name of the Client, registered office, registration number, tax number, email address, representative’s name, copy of the Company Statement, copy of the legal representative’s signature, and authorization by the legal representative.
  • Coworker: a natural person who enters into a Specific Agreement with SHOB. Or if the Customer who enters into a Specific Agreement with SHOB is a legal person, or other organisation, then the Coworker is the natural person designated by the Client to use the Coworking Services.
  • Coworking Service: shared use of the SHOB Coworking office space and infrastructure with other Coworkers in accordance with the GTCs.
  • Starting Date of the Coworking Service: the date set out in Specific Agreement from which the Coworker is eligible to the Coworking Services provided by SHOB. The automatic renewal of the Specific Agreement, the Starting Date of the Coworking Service in the automatically renewed Specific Agreement will be the date of the automatically renewal of the Specific Agreement.
  • Specific Agreement: means the Coworker Data-Sheet and any other written document in which SHOB and Customer. The agree to the specific terms of the Coworking Service; in which SHOB and Customer agree to share use of office space and infrastructure owned by SHOB, and related services; the legal relationship between SHOB and Customer.
  • Additional Services: services provided by SHOB to the Clients in addition to the Services provided under the Agreements referred to in these GTCs, against payment of a special usage or service fee, for example the use of the parking place. 
  • Data Subject: any natural person identified or identifiable on the basis of any data processed; a person is identifiable if the data being processed can directly or indirectly be used to identify the person.
  • Party or Parties: the parties to the Agreement, namely SHOB as the Services’ provider and any natural or legal person or organisation as the Services’ user or purchaser.
  • Rules: the rules governing the detailed terms and conditions of use of the SHOB Coworking Office Building as contained in Annex 1 to these GTC.
  • Website: the internet page operated by SHOB, available at:
  • Office Building: the office building named ALFATOURS which is registered in the real estate registry under the number 41/2/A/8, as has its physical address at 2092 Budakeszi, Fő utca 211. Building N. 8. 
  • Personal Data: personal information of the natural person, personal information of the Customer, or in case the Customer is a legal person, or other organisation, personal information of the natural person(s) designated by the Customer to use the Service(s), as required at the time of conclusion of the Contract such as the name, place and date of birth, mother’s birth name, address, email address, telephone number, and copy of the natural person’s identity document (ID and/or passport and/or address card); in the context of the Privacy Policy, any information relating to the Data Subject, provided that such information may be used to identify the Data Subject.
  • Contract or Agreement: the Specific Agreement entered into by SHOB as the Service’s – or Services’ – provider and Customer as the Service’s – or Services’ – User, such contract’s annexes and attachments, and any agreements between SHOB and the Client that come as complements or amendments to the Specific Agreement. 
  • Customer or Client: any Party entering into an agreement with SHOB, be it a natural person, a legal entity, or any other organization; any natural person, legal entity, or any other organization which is identified as a Client in the Specific Agreement; any natural person, legal entity, or any other organization which enters into a contract with SHOB as the user, purchaser, or beneficiary of SHOB’ Services’; the Coworker if the Client is identified as a natural person in the Specific Agreement.
  • Service: any service provided by SHOB to a Client under or in connection with any Agreement as described in these GTC.
  • SHOB: the offices owned by SHOB specified 2092 Budakeszi, Fő utca 211. Building N. 8. as a coworking place.


II.1. Without a valid Contract, between SHOB and the client the Services are not available!

II.2. An agreement between the Parties for the Coworking Service shall be entered into after the SHOB and the Contracting Client have signed the Specific Agreement, with a minimum content of:

  -  Identifying a Contracting Client
  -  Identification of Coworker (s) (if Coworker is not the Contracting Client)
  -  The Parties will indicate the selected Service and the Fee to be paid for it
  -  Customer agrees to be bound by these GTC, the Privacy Policy and the regulations.

If Client refuses to provide, present any documents requested, SHOB may at any time refuse to enter into the Contract and the Contract. The Customer is required to provide complete and accurate information at the time of entering into the contract.

II.3. The Agreement for the Use of Other Services (for example use of printer, scanner) under this GTC may be concluded verbally or by implication, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Price List effective on the date of the Agreement. Only Customers with valid Specific Agreement shall be entitled to use the Other Services upon payment of the usage or service fees for the Other Service to be used.

II.4.f the Customer is a legal entity or other entity, the Customer is obliged to inform the Coworker (s) designated to use the Services of this GTC, the Privacy Policy and the regulations prior to entering into the Agreement.


SHOB has the right to keep a record of the Personal Data and Company Data of the Customer who has entered into the Agreement and, if the Contracting Customer is a Legal Entity or other entity, a natural person designated to use the Services – Coworkers – Personal Data. By entering into the Agreement, the Contracting Client agrees to the management of the Data in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and further declares that he/she is duly authorized to use such Services by the natural persons designated by him / her – Coworkers. Should the latter statement prove to be false, the Customer shall be fully liable for the consequences thereof.

III.2. Further provisions on the handling of Personal Data are contained in the SHOB Privacy Policy:

III.3. SHOB has the right to manage the data management for 3 (three) years from the date of the agreement. SHOB is responsible for the proper protection of the data in the course of data processing and may not use them for purposes other than the Contract, unless otherwise provided by law or regulatory authority without the consent of the data subject.

III.4. SHOB shall have the right to pass on the Data of Customers and natural persons designated to use the Services to third parties providing such services to SHOB in order to meet its billing, payment, and accounting obligations.

III.5. The Client is also entitled to request in writing the deletion of the record prior to the expiration of the above term, in which case SHOB shall delete the Client Data immediately, but no later than 2 (two) weeks, except for the following. Data that is required to be retained by law or regulatory authority will be deleted by SHOB no later than 2 months after the statutory deadline.


IV.1. Customer shall exercise his rights under this Agreement in full compliance with the law and the provisions of this Policy, in accordance with the requirements of lawful exercise, with due regard to the legitimate interests of other SHOB Clients. Coworkers are required to comply with the instructions given by SHOB staff and the regulations.

IV.2. Intended use: Coworkers are required to use all technical equipment, furniture, and rooms and interior and exterior parts of the building (s) to protect their condition. Misuse, improper use and damage is prohibited. Coworkers must leave workstations in a clean condition suitable for their intended use after use.

IV.3. Damages caused by breach of this paragraph shall be indemnified by the Client for each Coworker designated by it.


V.1. The Customer shall pay for the use of the Services specified in the Specific Contract for using the Services specified in the Specific Agreement. Unless this clause of the Occasional Agreement specifies a usage or service fee, the Customer shall pay the usage or service fees in accordance with the Price List in effect at the time of concluding the Agreement.

V.2. For the use of other Services, you are required to pay usage and service fees in accordance with the Price List in effect at the time of your use. The prices listed in the Price List include the value added tax.

V.3. SHOB issues its invoices as electronic invoices and sends them electronically to its Contracting Clients to the email address provided in the Specific Agreement.

V.4. For table, meeting room or parking lot’s rent all started hours will be charged.

V.5. The Client shall pay the Service Fee on the date of signing the Agreement by depositing it in SHOB’s cashier or by bank transfer to SHOB’s bank account.

V.6. The Contracting Client shall pay the invoice duly issued by SHOB within the applicable payment term in Hungarian Forints. In the case of performance in other currencies, the additional costs resulting from the conversion shall be borne by the Contracting Client.

V.7. In the event of late payment, the SHOB shall, for each day of delay, be a natural person Contracting Client, in accordance with the Civil Code. 6:48. Of the Civil Code, while in the case of a legal person or other organization Contracting Client, the Civil Code. 6: 155th Shall be entitled to default interest. Each day you start means a full calendar day.


SHOB is solely responsible for the quality and standard of the Services that it provides directly, in accordance with these GTC.

For services provided (and / or indirectly) through third party(s) (for example wifi) SHOB undertakes to promptly, upon notice by the Contracting Client, take steps to resolve any issues regarding the availability or quality of the service. If the third party contributor fails to remedy the above problem within a reasonable time, or the frequency of occurrence of the same problem renders the use of the service concerned impossible, SHOB will, if necessary, employ another contributor to provide the service.


VII.1. SHOB assumes no liability for any damage to Coworker’s property or other assets brought into or stored in the office area by Coworker. It is the responsibility of the Coworkers to oversee their own devices and the devices they use. SHOB is not responsible for any lost items and is not responsible for any clothing or items placed in the office. SHOB warns Customers not to leave their valuables unattended in the Office.

VII.2. SHOB recommends that Customer thoroughly examine the Office Building, SHOB Coworking Area, Workstation (s), and other equipment prior to entering into the Contract. Depending on the applicable tariff, the workstation may, where appropriate, be located in a larger open space and therefore cannot be locked separately. Customer acknowledges these circumstances and states that no claim for a reduction of the User Fee as a result of the above shall be enforceable. SHOB does not warrant that a particular workstation, office, meeting room will be in good standing throughout the duration of the Contract. By entering into the Contract, Customer acknowledges that the workstation and the building are provided with all equipment provided in the Contract.


SHOB is not responsible for the behavior of third parties using the Coworking place. SHOB will apply legal consequences under this GTC to Contracting Clients who violate the terms of their Agreement or Policy. SHOB is not responsible for any damage caused by the Coworkers to one another or to third parties.


SHOB shall be exempt from legal consequences arising from failure to perform or late fullfillment of its obligations under this Agreement if such failure or delay is the result of vis major.

Vis major shall mean any extraordinary event occurring after the conclusion of the Contract which SHOB could not foresee or prevent in its own interest and which is not due to its own fault or negligence; such events include, but are not limited to, war, revolution, strike, fire, flood, epidemic, natural or elemental disaster, earthquake.

In the event of vis major rendering the performance of the Contracts impossible, SHOB shall promptly notify Customers with a valid Contract of the vis major, its cause and expected duration.


The parties communicate primarily by electronic mail (email). The Client shall indicate in the Contract the electronic mail (email) address at which its availability is permanently provided and shall notify SHOB thereof immediately. Electronic contact information for SHOB

X.2. The address of SHOB: : 2092 Budakeszi, Fő utca 211. Building N. 8. ALFATOURS office . (Ring N. 8.)


XI.1. By entering into the Contract, the Contracting Client declares that by publishing the effective text of these GTC on the Website, SHOB has enabled the Client to become acquainted with the contents of the GTC prior to entering into the Contract.

XI.2. SHOB may at any time unilaterally amend the provisions of these GTC. The revised GTC shall enter into force on the date indicated on its first page – and on the SHOB Website, however, not earlier than the date of publication of the amended GTC on the Website. The regulations is the 1st appendix of the GTC.

XI.3. The amendments shall apply to contracts entered into after their entry into force, except exceptions.

XI.4. Immediate Amendment of the GTC. In case of immediate amendment of the GTC, the provisions of the modified GTC shall also apply to the Contracts already concluded. To this end, SHOB shall, in the event of an immediate change to the GTC, send electronically the revised GTC to Contracting Clients valid on the date of entry into force of the modified GTC – electronically – as specified by the email address.


All data protection regulations can be found in the Privacy Policy available on the Website. By accepting these GTC, the Client also accepts the Privacy Policy. Read our Privacy Policy here.


XIII.1. The provisions of Hungarian law shall apply to the present GTC and to the individual Contracts and to the matters not regulated therein.

XIII.2. The Buda Central District Court shall have sole jurisdiction over any dispute concerning the creation, validity, interpretation, performance, termination, breach of any of the Contracts under this GTC and the rights and obligations of the Parties arising therefrom, . Disputes falling within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal shall be decided by the courts in accordance with the general rules of the Civil Code in force at any given time.