SHOB - Rules of Use

The Rules of Use presented here are firm part of the GTC, and are the 1st amendment to those.

The Coworker is obliged to obey to the Legal Regulations and also this Set of Rules, act in accordance to "as intended" legal behaviour furthermore be with caution towards further customers of SHOB.

Coworkers have to accept and act accordingto these Rules and also the request of SHOB personnel.

Use "as intended" stands for: the Coworkers have to preserve the state of technical equipment, furniture, rooms and the inside and outside spaces of the Office during their use of the Services. Unintentional usage, abuse and impairment is strictly forbidden. The Coworkers have to leave their Workstations clean and ready to further usage after their Service period. 

Smoking is forbidden on the whole area of the Property (including the Office and the Courtyard as well), furthermore smoking is forbidden in the 5 m area of the Property.

The Party that is responsible for any breach of the Rules has to cover any impairment by all of related Coworkers. 


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